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Bring in your backpacks this Sunday for our back to school Backpack Blessing! This will be a special time of prayer and blessing for our kids!



Have a great time this summer with an activity for the whole family to enjoy; Faith Community Church’s Family Cross Extravaganza! This year as a part of our Summer Sunday School Curriculum, we are asking for our children and their families to partake in this exciting new activity that will be sure to provide amazing entertainment away from a screen and bring the children and their whole family closer to God and one another.
What is the Family Cross Extravaganza?
 It is very simple, all you have to do is make a cross. Easy, right? Well, the catch is it is a cross that represents YOUR family and YOUR faith which means, no one’s cross will be the same! Here are several simple steps and rules to help you in your journey as a family:

1. Brainstorm
Where am I (child) at in my faith journey?
Where are we (family) at in our faith journey?
What makes our family’s faith unique? (Experiences? Practices? Prayers? Places? Activities?)
What objects are most important in our faith life? (A cross? A Bible?)
What everyday objects remind us of our faith? (For me, wood [can be crafted and changed over time, water skis [an activity my family loves to do], plants/leaves [the beautiful world God created])
Where do we, as a family, want to be in our faith journey in the future?

2. Plan
What do we want our cross to look like?
What materials are we going to use to make it? (BE CREATIVE; some people carved it out of wood because they loved wood-working, some people built it out of Legos because they loved to build with their family; YES you can use several different materials too!)

3. Build

4. Reflect

Why does this cross represent our family and our faith?
What is unique about it?
What have you learned about your faith by making this cross?

5. Write
Write down your answers to the reflect section as a family. Be prepared to answer any/all of the questions in the Reflect section, these will be displayed for the whole Church to see and people will most likely have questions!

These will be displayed for the whole Church to see on our kick-off Sunday, September 8. Please have your crosses done by then so you can have yours displayed, that gives you two months to get it done!!!!