In 2016, Faith Community Church has already been involved in a number of Mission Projects and there are more to come.


  1. Our Church will serve 5 times this year at The Gathering.  The Gathering is a faith-based, mostly volunteer organization that serves lunch to Milwaukee’s hungry at 5 sites throughout the city.  Our Church serves lunch and also provides cookies and milk to the 175-200 people we serve.  Faith Church has been doing this for years and years.  It is an ongoing Mission Project.


  1. Another ongoing Mission Project is the collection of nonperishable food for the food pantry here in Franklin.  It is collected in several buckets that are always in the Church’s lobby.



The following are Mission Projects that our Church has done on our own, or in collaboration with The Academy, a day care sponsored by the Church:


  1. Our Church collected items and gave money to two of our Church members as they embarked on two dental mission trips to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.


  1. Together, the Church and The Academy collected clothes for premature babies born at St. Francis Hospital here in Milwaukee.


Our Church is hoping that these two Mission Projects will be done on an ongoing basis.



What follows are the 4 Mission Projects Faith Community Church planned to do in 2016:


  1. March……Our Church collected $897.00 for the organization W.O.R.K., located in a small storefront in Boonesville, Kentucky.  W.O.R.K. provides help to the people of Boonesville, the poorest town in all of the United States.  The money purchased 100 “filled” Easter baskets for Boonesville’s children and children in the surrounding towns.  In addition, money not spent on baskets and everything that the Easter Bunny brings, was sent on to W.O.R.K. to help with their mission.


  1. July……Our Church will hear about Quilts of Honor, a sewing group that meets at our Church.  They make quilts to present to active military as well as veterans.  They will set-up a display at Church and give a presentation at a Sunday Church service.  Afterwards, the ushers will take up a monetary collection to go directly to Quilts of Honor.  Along with the collection, church members can write a little message on a quilt square, which will later be sewn into Quilts of Honor quilts.The group will buy supplies to make their quilts.


  1. September……This Mission Project is currently being planned with Because International, an organization that makes sandal type shoes that can be adjusted up to five sizes in both length and width.  They have missions, or participants can choose their own missions, with which to send these shoes.  Because International’s missions are in poor countries around the World, in places where children are too poor to have shoes.  The shoes allow kids to experience daily life without worrying about exposing their feet to soil-transmitted diseases and rough terrain.  Our Church will hear about Because International and view a few samples of the shoes.  Then, a collection will be taken where a pair can be purchased for $15.  At this time, all money collected will be sent to Because International who will then send all the shoes our Church has purchased to a mission.


  1. December……”Christmas For Milwaukee” is a way to describe this Mission Project.  Our Church will partner up with the Milwaukee Fire Department in one of Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods.  Knowing the residents in their area, the MFD will provide names of families who are in need of food and who, without help, would not have a Christmas