Habitat for Humanity

We are excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity this year! In addition to having a build day (sign-ups are still open) on August 18th, where we will be actually helping to build a home for a local Milwaukee family, we will be taking donations of supplies for the homeowner and her children.

So who is this Milwaukee Family? Let us introduce to you Latashia!

As a mom of 2 teenage sons and 3 adopted daughters, Latashia was quickly outgrowing her 2 bedroom rental.  In her search to find a suitable home, she was running into issues with too high rent or unsafe neighborhoods. In the middle of looking for a decent, place for her and her family, a friend told her about Habitat for Humanity’s affordable mortgage and the ability to build a safe four bedroom home. Latashia is excited to move in, learn how to garden, and have a safe space for her children to play and something decent to call her own.

As part of our Church’s caring and concern for another, we will put together a WELCOME HOME basket for Latashia and her family.  There will be a basket in the lobby, just waiting for your kind donations. It will be there throughout the whole month of August. 

Here are a few ideas of what we will be collecting:

Laundry soap

Fabric softener sheets

Furniture spray and cloths

Window cleaner and cloths

Wet mop

Broom and dustpan

Paper towels

Toilet paper

Sink/tub/shower cleaner and sponges

Toilet cleaner and brush

Dish soap

Dish rags and towels

Bath towels, hand towels, and wash rags

Bar soap and soap dish, dispenser soap

Aluminum foil, Saran Wrap


Home Decor (Wall hangings, seasonal front door hangings, etc.) 

Batteries, scotch tape, masking tape, lightbulbs