Important Milestones:


  • Mar 20- 25 friends met to share and a new church formed
  • Apirl 5- (Palm Sunday) Our first worship service celebrated at Jubilee Church in Franklin, WI
  • June 7- Charter Sunday and Installation of Rev. Dr. Ardyth Kovacevich Johnson


  • Jan 24- Congregational vote to affiliate with National Association of Congregational Christian Churches


  • Sept 26- Congregational meeting to seek approval to move forward with purchase of land and rezoning effort


  • Oct 19- Closing on the land from the Ulrich Brothers


  • June 2- Land dedication service celebrated on the Out Lot- 107 present


  • Dec 12- Franklin Planning Commission approved Site Plan- Groundbreaking Dedication with 73 in attendance


  • April 29- Construction begins on Church land


  • Feb 5- First service in new chapel
  • April 24- Faith Academy is Licensed and Open
  • May 7- Dedication of first Meetinghouse- 187 in attendance- Mr. Norman Barrientos, architect- Mr. Kirk Magill or Magill Construction Company, Builder
  • May 11- First member wedding in new chapel= Teallie Graham and Joseph Pawlak


  • Feb 10- Rev. Dr. Donald Sinclair called to be our first Parish Associate
  • June- Mr. Mark Carstenson contractor donates building of a storage unit for equipment on the land


  • Jan- Retirement of Rev. Dr. Ardyth Kovacevich Johnson
  • April 15- Rev. Dr. Stu Merkel begins as interim Pastor


  • Jan 23- The Church calls Rev. Dr. Stu Merkel begins as Senior Pastor
  • Mar 13- The Church holds Installation Service for Pastor Merkel       


  •  Dennis Reynolds is hired to serve our children and Children’s Ministry Director.  Sunday school takes off in a new direction


  • Faith Walk is dedicated as an open trail leading from the church to our neighborhoods, including an outdoor gathering area at the pond behind the church dedicated to Bob Bello one of our first members.  The walk is the successful Eagle Project of church member and Boy Scout TJ Wesolowski.


  • The Church assists in the construction of Kayla’s Playground an all inclusive playground for children with special disabilities in Franklin.


  •  The Church celebrates 10 years of Ministry at their present site in Franklin
  • Faith Academy celebrates 10 years as a mission and ministry of the church to our community