Our Beliefs

Our shared faith as members of the Faith Community Church centers on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our most basic theological convictions are aspects of this gospel:

FAITH Faith Community Church is a church built on the foundation of authentic Christian Faith.

GOD We believe in the one true God and creator of the universe whose person and presence are experienced through the Divine Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that everyone has been offered salvation through the gracious work of God whose Son, Jesus, Christ, made atonement of the sins of humanity by dying on the Cross and being raised to life through the Resurrection.

GRACE We celebrate in the wonderful gift that God has given us in his Son and we receive God’s grace which sets us free and affords us the invitation to the Kingdom of God.

WORD We believe in the authority of scripture and that it has been completely inspired by God for His good will and good works. 

BAPTISM We believe in the one baptism of all believers, which bestows God’s promise of salvation of the believer. As a church we believe in offering the sacrament of baptism to all ages to afford each Christian the opportunity to feel the love and salvation that comes from baptism. Adult baptism is for those who want to initiate a response to their coming to faith. Infant or child baptism is afforded to children as a promise of God’s salvation through their parents’ faith. When that child grows into their own faith they are encouraged to become confirmed and renew their own faith in the Lord.

COMMUNION We believe that the Sacrament of Communion is essential in the Body of Christ as the unifying act of the fellowship of believers. We believe that all are welcome at the table of God and to experience the purification that communion has to offer. By partaking of the bread and the cup we remember the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and share in His presence through the Holy Spirit.

COVENANT We believe that the local church is formed and united by a mutual covenant. Our covenant functions as the unifying promise we make to one another and to God to fulfill the mission of God that has been placed on this church. Each Sunday we reaffirm our covenant in worship as a symbol of our united effort together.