Future ChurchFrom the earliest days of Faith Community Church the church has had a clear vision to be a growing community of faith in Franklin and to surrounding communities.

Our mission is:

  1. To reach, teach, and preach God’s love through Jesus Christ
  2. To build community among the followers of Christ through worship and exploration of His Word
  3. To function as an autonomous, independent, and Congregational church

Our covenant is our shared commitment to the mission!

The chapter covenant: To glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we humbly submit our efforts to teach and preach God’s Word, become a spirit-filled community of faith and to uplift and support one another in God’s name.

Reaching our God Inspired Future

In 2013 the church spent a year long process of visioning and setting strategic goals for the church. Out of those meetings and prayers about 50 goals were set. These are a few examples of those goals:

Membership:  We set membership and attendance milestones to achieve by the end of three years.

Spiritual Growth: Spiritual growth is a lifelong adventure for every follower of Christ and the church is the best location to offer people opportunities to gain spiritual growth in community with other Christians.  We set a goal to create a team focused on this effort

Missions: Missions is a high priority in this church and set goals to serve more locally and in the Milwaukee region to begin.  We also aspire to do missions nationally and internationally.

Children and Youth Ministry:  We want to assure children grow spiritually at appropriate and with adequate progress every year and we want to find more opportunities to express themselves and to experience God.

Community Life:  We feel strongly that serving and supporting one another through church activities is important and we set goals to establish events and ministries that promote community life.

Worship:  We know that worship is our primary activity as the people of God and we have goals to keep it a high priority and to strengthen the worship and experience of God for all generations.

Leadership Development: It’s true that every one of God’s people in the church has a role in serving God through the ministry of the church. We made new goals to develop everyone’s gifts for service to the community of faith.

Outreach and Evangelism:  Sharing the gospel with others has been the primary act of the church since it was first established following our Saviors ministry on earth.  We set goals to help us not neglect this priority.

In the second chapter of our history, we desire to be a growing faith community building towards Phase 2. Phase 2 is another building primarily focused on worship. This space will become the primary worship space and Phase 1, our current building, will operate solely as the Faith Academy and Sunday school space.