Christmas Program 2021

Sunday, December 19th at 9:30 a.m.

The Reason for the Season is going to be modeled after our successful Online Christmas Program last year, but this time, it will all be done live. The children will be put in groups and assigned a portion of the Christmas story where they will have creative and artistic liberty over that portion of the story; that is, however they want to tell that story, they will be able to! The children will be guided through the process by our awesome team of Directors and will be strongly encouraged to seek parental assistance as well in planning their scenes. They can and will receive as much or as little help as they want, the sky’s the limit! The aim of this year is to not only share the Christmas Story, but to have the children take ownership of it and to let them tell it in their own unique way. We saw A LOT of creativity in last year’s program, we KNOW they have it in them!

Along with the scenes telling the Christmas Story, we will be having music this year as well! Led by our esteemed Worship Leader and now Christmas Program Director, Evan Langford, the children will perform a total of four songs throughout the program. The children will be broken up into three age based groups where each group will learn one song of the program; the final song will be all of the children singing together.

For more information and any questions, please contact Abby Wass at