The church welcomes members, regular guests, family of members and people with special circumstances to receive Baptism at Faith Community Church.

What we believe:

We believe in the one baptism of all believers, which bestows God’s promise of salvation and purification of the believer. As a church we believe in offering the sacrament of baptism to all ages to afford each Christian the opportunity to feel the love and salvation that comes from baptism. Adult baptism is for those who want to respond to their coming to faith. Infant and child baptism is afforded to children as a promise of God’s salvation through their parents’ faith. When the child grows into their own faith they are encouraged to become confirmed and renew their own faith in the Lord.

Infant Baptism or Dedication

Baptism for infants/children is offered if one or both of the child’s parents are Christians. Infant or child baptism is usually celebrated during worship on Sunday mornings. On occasion, the baptism can be conducted at an alternative time due to the special circumstances or needs of the family. If the parents desire to dedicate their child, the same ceremony and procedures are used but without the anointing with water. Before any Baptism, the parents and the child will need to schedule a meeting with the Pastor.

Adult Baptism 

Baptism for adults and youth is offered as an acknowledgement of a personal profession of faith in Christ. Adult or youth baptisms are usually celebrated during worship on Sunday mornings. Adult or youth baptism conducted during worship is a ceremony that includes 1) the person making an affirmation of faith in Christ and 2) the Pastor anointing the person with water. Baptism individuals are asked to meet 15 minutes prior to the service with the Pastor for last minute instructions and prayer.

Baptism is generally a requirement for church membership.