Marriage Preparation Course

Sunday, March 24th – 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Saturday, April 6th – 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Faith community Church will offer the Marriage Preparation Course for any engaged couple who want to give their marriage the best possible start. It doesn’t matter how long you have been engaged – some couples have set a wedding date, while others have not. Or if you have been living together and would like to explore the idea of getting married, or if one or both of you have been married before.  The course is based on Christian principles, but it is designed for all couples.  Pastor Stu will be leading the course.  Registration material is available on the church website under Weddings.

What can you expect on the course?

The course takes place over a Sunday afternoon and Saturday morning.

The day includes:

A Fantastic atmosphere that feels like a date night and is friendly and welcoming.

You will sit together with other engaged couples. You can chat to the others or just use the time to talk to each other. At no time on the course will you have to disclose anything personal to anyone else.

Practical talks that are informative and fun, played on DVD. They include filmed clips of couples talking about their own experiences of marriage.

Discussion time as a couple. You will be given opportunities to discuss the topics with your fiance. Music is played so you can’t hear couples and they can’t hear you!

No group work, so relax – you will not have to share anything about your relationship with anyone else.

At the end of day you are given some discussion or activities to do together to help you build on what you have learnt. This gives you the opportunity to apply what has been discussed to your relationship. Nothing is shared with anyone else and is just for your own benefit.

What is the cost?

The only cost of the course covers the lunch and materials. $30 per couple.

The Marriage Book is also available for $13.00. (Optional)

What others are saying…

We found that many issues we’d never thought about discussing came up when we did Marriage Prep. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much practical advice from it that I believe we will use for years to come!

Discussing new issues was a challenge, yet very rewarding and I feel drew us closer together. It was interesting to find that with most issues we had not yet discussed we had the same feelings.

I believe that the course is great and it exceeded all my expectations. Thanks very much for getting our marriage off to a great start.

Without a doubt talking over the issues was beneficial to us. We have really tried to do things differently and put each other first.

Please contact the church office at with any questions. Registration form can be downloaded (or emailed to you)  or through this link Registration form and should be mailed to Faith Community Church with payment 1 month prior to the course.