Marriage Preparation Course

March 7th – April 11th 

Faith Community Church will offer the Marriage Preparation Course for any engaged couple who want to give their marriage the best possible start. It doesn’t matter how long you have been engaged – some couples have set a wedding date, while others have not. Or if you have been living together and would like to explore the idea of getting married, or if one or both of you have been married before.  The course is based on Christian principles, but it is designed for all couples.  Pastor Stu will be leading the course.  Registration material is available on the church website under Weddings.

What can you expect on the course?

The course begins on Sunday, March 7th, and will end on Sunday, April 11th. The group will meet every Sunday in between (excluding Easter) for a total of 5 sessions. The sessions begin at 6 PM and will be approximately 1.5 hours each.

The course will be held through Zoom with Pastor Stu Merkel and the others in the class.

Watch the brief video about the course here:

What is the cost?

The only cost of the course covers the course and materials. $30 per couple.

The Marriage Book is also available for $13.00. (Optional)

What others are saying…

We found that many issues we’d never thought about discussing came up when we did Marriage Prep. We thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much practical advice from it that I believe we will use for years to come!

Discussing new issues was a challenge, yet very rewarding and I feel drew us closer together. It was interesting to find that with most issues we had not yet discussed we had the same feelings.

I believe that the course is great and it exceeded all my expectations. Thanks very much for getting our marriage off to a great start.


You can register for the course here.

Pay here (In the comments section indicate – “Pre-Marriage Course Fee”).

Once you register and pay I will send you an invite to the Zoom link for the sessions. I will also have available for you the journals you will need and a marriage book if you choose to purchase the book. 


Please contact the church office at or Pastor Stu with any questions.