Ways to Engage in Life on Mission at Faith.

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The Gathering

Join others from Faith to help serve lunch to people in Milwaukee

The Next Gathering will be


The people we serve often leave after lunch and say, “God bless you”…..  In serving lunch, we truly are the ones receiving this blessing.
We don’t cook.  Other volunteers do that.  We wrap silverware in napkins, toss lettuce, butter bread, put out the cookies our Church provided, pour coffee and the milk we’ve provided, serve in the serving line, put dishes in a dishwasher, wash the tables, and feel soooooo thankful for our blessings.
It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not.  Why?  Because we share it with all those from Faith Community Church.  The more who volunteer, will make the job even easier.
Anyone can help……..teens, adults, and children (7 or 8 and above).  The children LOVE to pass out the cookies.  And, it’s such a good way to show our children how it feels to help someone else.  Hungry children pass through the serving line and receive a cookie from one of Faith’s children (reaching out, hand-to-hand and more than that, the two children looking into each other’s eyes.
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We participated in another Habitat for Humanity Build Day on  Saturday, August 17th and want to introduce you to Faith Build’s newest future homeowners!
Bler Dah and Ku Wah Paw

The family identifies as Karen, with family heritage from the Kayin State of Myanmar’s southeastern border. A horrendous civil war forced the family into refugee camps, where Bler Dah actually lived for over a decade.
After finally being granted entry into the United States, Bler Dah found employment at Family Home Health Care and FedEx, while Ku Wah Pah is raising their two young children Wahlaweh Dah (2 years) and Wahkpulu Dah (5 months). Their family has been living with Bler Dah’s brother, sister and her two teenage children in a four bedroom, one bath rental. With your support, they will be able to move out of their overcrowded rental and build a brand new four bedroom home in the Midtown neighborhood. Click the Photo below to read more about this Family!