Register for Sunday School!

We are revamping our Sunday school program in the midst of this pandemic! Due to the great success of our online Vacation Bible School program, we are changing the Sunday school experience to resemble our VBS experience.

Sunday School lessons will be recorded, much like we are doing with
Vacation Bible School and we will be adding some new segments to Sunday
School while maintaining the old ones. It will still be an interactive
with the teachers and students. We will be hosting
Sunday School over Zoom where the students will be able to watch the videos that are pre-recorded as well as converse with each other and the teachers regarding the material covered in the videos. The program is scheduled to start on September 13th.

We know you will want your child to be a part of this opportunity. You
can help us with planning by filling out the attached registration form
below by September 6th.

Contact Abby Wass if you have any questions!
(414) 943-9277