Parish Nurse

Mission Statement: The Parish Nurse Program is a health care ministry of the Church which encourages individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being in the context of their relationship to God, family, and neighbor.

The Program is rooted in the mission of the healing ministry of Christ and reclaims the Scripture: to go out and preach the kingdom of God and to heal, recognize God’s desire that we achieve abundant life, and reaffirm and support the journey toward wholeness.

Through the Parish Nurse Program, the parish seeks to develop creative ways of addressing needs and identifying resources to nurture health, wellness, and healing.

This health care ministry strengthens the parish and enables the parishioners to focus on serving God by serving others.

Office Hours: office hours with the Parish Nurse are available at the church, by appointment only, on Mondays and Fridays.

Faith Community Church is pleased to announce that we have begun a Parish Nurse Ministry at the church. Rochelle Martin, a newer member to FCC, has stepped up to serve in this role, and a small group of others are serving on her advisory team. Many churches have a parish nurse, a registered medical practitioner with specialized knowledge, who is called to ministry and affirmed by a faith community to promote health, healing and wholeness. The role of theimage parish nurse is to promote the integration of faith and health in a variety of ways that reflect the context of the faith community. Specific examples include: heath advocacy, health counseling, health education & resource referral. To aide in the data collection of our congregation’s specific health concerns and needs, If you would like to reach our Parish Nurse Rochelle Martin you can email her here:


Rochelle has a long background in health services.  She has been involved as an RN in areas including:  Women’s Health Care, Pediatrics, Mental Health & Addiction, Home & Hospice Care, Camp Nursing, and Educator.


“My hope for FCC is that our Christian community will be a place where people feel comfortable opening up about their needs and find support and healing. 

Because so much has been researched and written about the correlation between faith and wellness, my goal for the Parish Nurse role is to embark on a health ministry that exists not only for the purpose of wellness and preventive health care, but also to seek wholeness in Christ. I am committed to wellness of the whole person and dedicated and called to be of service to others.” Rochelle


Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit”  3 John 1:2.


Rochelle is married to Drew and they have a grown son, Josh, daughter-in-law, Lindsey and family in South Elgin, IL  and 2 grandsons, Brooks & Grayson, and 2 grand-dogs – Wally & Freddy