The Gathering

Our church has an ongoing relationship with The Gathering: We have a couple of dates left this year where we will be serving as a church.

  • September 14th
  • November 16th

Please sign-up to serve lunch to hungry families of Milwaukee; our ministry positively impacts the lives of hundreds of people at each and every Gathering.

Please contact the FCC office with any questions regarding the SignUpGenius format (email:

For FCC slots please Sign up here!!!

***NOTE: Please bring something to wear on your head for when we serve the food and closed-toed shoes for safety purposes.

The Gathering is a faith-based, mostly volunteer organization that serves lunch to Milwaukee’s hungry at 5 sites throughout the city.  Our church serves lunch and also provides cookies and milk to the 175-200 people we serve.  Faith Community Church has been doing this for years and years.  It is an ongoing Mission Project.

The Gathering is located inside Christian Faith Fellowship Church East.

Sign up right at Church or on Faith’s website.  If you have any questions, just call Sharon Dillon, 423-4412.  God Bless You.