Volunteer at Brewer Games!

Brewers Concessions is back and the church is looking for volunteers

The Concessions program has raised a lot of money for our Youth Mission trip in the past and we are able this year to focus fundraising on thenew building.

The church is looking for volunteers for this spring (Apr – June). Six dates to choose from. The commitment requires you to arrive a few hours before the game and stay through clean up at the end of the night. There is also a training requirement you do online.  This year because of the COVID impact the Brewers have eliminated all cash transactions and there are numerous safety protocols in place which should make our time safe and enjoyable. 

Volunteering is a lot of fun, you meet lots of great people, enjoy the game atmosphere, and raise a lot of money for our new building. To volunteer please email Lynn Merkel at Lynnievon@gmail.com