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We know that becoming a member of any church can be daunting.  Many assume they’re members just by attending, and others think an invitation or reaching a certain “level” will make them a member. At Faith Community Church, however, becoming a member is simple and available to anyone when they are ready.

Why does the church have a membership?

Membership is the primary way our church is able to fulfill its mission. It unites everyone under one covenant and affirms a shared, basic Christian faith. The church is not only a family of faith but also an incorporated non-profit organization, with members who vote and provide a layer of accountability regarding the church. As an independent, autonomous, Congregational church, we make all our own decisions through prayer, planning, and consensus.

What does a Member do?

Church members don’t do anything more than the Bible asks of any Christian. Becoming a member is an expression of commitment to the church and acceptance into the family. 

Members attend worship, invest in fellowship, pray for others and the mission of the church. They volunteer and look for ways to serve. They give sacrificially of their time, talent, and treasure as the Lord inspires them to do on their own accord.  All in all, they engage in the mission of the church and welcome the support that a church family provides.

How do I become a member?

Faith Community Church is a covenant-based church. The day you become a member, you affirm your basic Christian belief and join the church in affirming its covenant. 

In our church, this involves meeting with the pastor and a few members of the church, filling out a one-page form, and scheduling a membership reception during one of our worship services. If standing up in front of our congregation is frightening or impossible, don’t worry! We are more than happy to work something out. The important thing is the church can see you, know you, and welcome you to our community.

If this is the first time you are making a profession of faith we invite you to receive Baptism if you have never done so before. We don’t re-Baptize anyone so once you're Baptized it's forever, good for eternity!

Children who grow up through the church become members once they complete the Confirmation program at about 9th Grade, or they can wait and join the church as an adult at a later date.

Periodically the church holds gatherings to introduce people to the church and discuss membership.  These gatherings are called Connect to Faith gatherings.  If you are interested in membership, watch for the next Connect to Faith gathering usually scheduled after worship or at a special evening meeting.  These are great events to find out more information.  If you are interested now just contact Pastor Stu Merkel.


Ready To Become A Member?

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Notify Pastor Stu Merkel at or by phone/text at 847-989-5972!

Fill out our New Member Information Form here! This form can be filled out in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and emailed in, but feel free to print it out and fill it out on paper if you would like. Simply click "Make a Copy" or "download" under the File header to start your own form online.

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